For The Ones That Didn't Care

For The Ones That Didn't Care

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Poem. I know it's a bit judgemental, and not every 'person' in here is as bad as the ones I listed. I used to be some of those people. And now I hate those people for being just like me. Sometimes, in life, all we need is more people to care. (Amazing cover design by Farin L!)


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over 3 years ago Briella Brigman said:

Amazing. I must say you are officially the best writer on here.


almost 4 years ago Darla Zamarripa said:

I loved this.


almost 5 years ago Jade Inky said:

"they stand on others to taste the tall" I love this, amazing poetry.


about 5 years ago Dragons and Dragonflies said:

I can absolutely feel the anger and pain behind this. Wow.


Me 1963

over 5 years ago Linda D said:

This poem is excellently worded. There is almost a rhythm and metre, and rhyme, but more than that, the powerful words explain it all. There are those out there, who, one time or another, have done this.

A few suggestions. “know that gossip break the strongest ties, And for the ones that (shatter) honest hearts.” – or another synonym for “break”, since you have just used it in the line previous.

“Life may not be fair, but (don’t make it) cruel.” I feel this slightly truer. To me, life itself is not cruel, it is the “ones that do not care” that make it cruel. And since you have pointed out what they are doing that hurts, perhaps end the poem with an appeal? - just my suggestion – feel free to place it respectfully in the virtual rubbish bin.