Jack Frost

Jack Frost

5 chapters / 5289 words

Approximately 26 minutes to read


Derek swore that his life was saved by a mysterious woman on one winter night, costing her her own life. Now the woman's daughter might be at his school for the winter. Can Derek repay the favor? Or does this frosty girl actually want to be left alone?


Adventure, Fantasy, Novel
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almost 4 years ago Pickle Cat said:

phenomenal. I can't wait for MORE!


almost 4 years ago ZeroGravity said:

one word- amazing.


almost 4 years ago Evi B. said:

This was so amazing! OMG! I just read all 4 chapters available non-stop. Honestly you're such an amazing writer! Let me know when the next chapter is available to read!

Captain goob-arica

almost 4 years ago Susanna Torres said:

i love this, but it won't let me get to chapter 5, which is really annoying. what i read was phenomenal, though. keep it up!


Kathleen figment profile

almost 4 years ago kathy marie said:

There are a few grammatical mistakes...nothing drastic, but something you might want to go over. You also seem to rush some of the scenes, such as when Derek goes to football practice and then all-of-a-sudden is done in point two seconds. It's not everywhere but there are some places that feel a bit rushed. Besides those minor details, this is an amazing story and I can see the plot line going far. I can't wait to keep reading this...it's intriguing and realistic too.


almost 4 years ago Shalifer said:

I would really like the access code so I could read on. I've been hooked by this intriguing story. Will Jack ever forgive Derek?