Leashes and Lessons

Leashes and Lessons

1 chapter / 498 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Instead of getting a summer job at the mall like most sixteen-year-olds want, she is stuck dog walking; and they walk her right into a situation she never expected to be in.

For the Summer Reading Contest: A high school student on her first summer job.

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almost 5 years ago Elle Faith said:

*For Our Swap* Wow that was amazing! It had elements of drama, humor, and heart-break. I really loved that you kept me guessing what she was seeing. I really loved what she did in reaction at the end, that made me laugh. I really enjoyed reading this.

With Regards, ~Elle Faith~


almost 5 years ago ஜReady-For-Depressionஜ said:

commenting just for the sake of you... I'll read when I can read it ALL. comment on my wall in like.... a week or so... maybe less than that ^^


almost 5 years ago Diane Bennett said:

The ending feels incomplete! I hope you decide to add onto it. I was a little lost at the beggining but it was cleared up later on. Your character wasn't described well but that may be because of the word count. In all it was great!


almost 5 years ago J.A.D. Lumanta said:

I really liked this story. Your writing style was so professional. But it was a little sad. I hate her boyfriend. Someone should sock some sense into his face! Cheater! Aside from that, bravo! :)))))))


B & the b library

about 5 years ago bookjunkie5-3 said:

I found this to be an interesting and unique read. Very well written! ^_^ Definitely enjoyed it!


over 5 years ago blue history said:

That's awesome! I love it. It's pretty much perfect, and I love how at the end you made an analogy with the dogs leashes.