Elf Light

Elf Light

2 chapters / 3420 words

Approximately 17 minutes to read


When the King demands an Elven maiden for his bride many soldiers’ lives are lost in search of one. But when she is finally captured, Tarek the Woodsman is called upon to be sure she doesn’t escape since he spent the first few years of his childhood among the Elves. Tarek, however, is furious that a creature as beautiful and wild as an Elf is being held against her will and vows to help set her free. The journey is as dangerous and mysterious as the friendship that blooms between the two run aways. Legend has it a kiss from an Elven girl ether kills you or gives you immortality depending on the girl’s intensions. Which fate is Tarek in store for?



over 5 years ago Tempest Wild said:

holy cow, and chicken and every other barn animal! This was amazing! It was so good! Are you planning on making it a novel? If you aren't you should, it is good enough to be one.


over 5 years ago Mel K said:

I really liked this. I thought it was very suspeseful and think you coud expand it into a novel.


over 5 years ago Nishva Patel said:

I really liked this story, and if you write more, it could turn into a really great book. The idea of the story is amazing.


over 5 years ago Luann Jung said:

I love it!! The first chapter really draws you in, and the second starts what seems to be a great book!! Write more!!



over 5 years ago V. Emily said:

Read the first chapter in return for a cover and working on reading more...it is SO good! :D There were some errors with the dialog ("your Majesty" and not "you're Majesty" for example) but other than that, it flowed well. Great job, and an original concept, too. It's got a "Grimms' Fairy Tale" feel to the plot. I loved it.