You Can't Bandage My Heart

You Can't Bandage My Heart

3 chapters / 1208 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


You can't bandage a broken heart if there isn't a heart left for you to mend.
Cover done by your's truly... Me. Lyric.(:
Original idea by Lyric Boyea
Copy right© 2012



almost 5 years ago Celia Brown said:

Wow, that was so good. You should definitely continue this.


almost 5 years ago Mattie A. said:

I loved this! So sweet and well written :)


almost 5 years ago Maire Dei said:

Nicely written piece. Good job! :)


almost 5 years ago Jennifer said:

Did I forget to mention that I'm a huge Demi Lovato fan? BTW- could you return the favor and read my story Who Two Choose? Please.



almost 5 years ago Sycamore Bramble said:

...Yes. I did put Fix A Heart on. WOW! *LE CLICK* (The sound of umm... well... clicking... in my head?) I gots it! It totally matches the song and the song totally heightens the experience of reading it. I kinda had this stop motion film playing in my head, with the music and the story. I am NOT a romance kinda gal (I'm not even the gal type of gal) but... I don't know. Something about this... I think its the song. It really does set a stage. Anyway, Mallory kind of bothered me in the beginning, taking him back and all, but I was like WHOOP! when she totally didn't open that door for him.


almost 5 years ago kissanna sinclair said:

hehe! this story was good. the first 2 chapters were a waste of time and energy. I thought that Mallory would let Jent in but i was wrong i like the ending. this story was great overall