3 chapters / 6433 words

Approximately 32 minutes to read


(I know about the mistakes with the apostrophe, it wasnt working but I kept typing so there's no need to comment about that, I know about that mistake.)
Rachel Ryls is a self-absorbed rich girl, trying to make Sean, her asshole of an ex-boyfriend jelous. She goes out on a date with Brandon that changes her life.
Thanks to Olivia Ossege for the awesome cover :)


Comedy, Drama, Romance



about 5 years ago Classy-Queen said:

From what I read, I really like this! The details were great and emotion definitely there. Cant wait to read more. :)


about 5 years ago Keira Casanova Hale said:

This was really good! Very creative and lots of great details! You wrote this wonderfully!


over 5 years ago Cassie Rose said:

Aw, I really like this! I read chapter one, since I don't have much time before I have to get off the computer. Rachel kind of reminds me of Blair from Gossip Girl, and I totally love Blair, so that's a plus on your side! ;D Anyway, I really love your blurb for the book! Oh my gosh, that plot sounds amazing! Good job on what I read!


over 5 years ago Lindsey Hazel Allaire said:

What about Hunter?! Does he know they left? Wow! Add more! One thing though. . . You keep mixing up the tenses which got really annoying. Pick one, don't switch between past and present.



over 4 years ago Alana Blount said:

Great story. Everyone should read this!!


over 5 years ago A.T said:

Your writing style is nice, the actions of everyone seem realistic! But I did find a few mistakes in your writing, nothing too bad, just little things you should go back and fix. You kept switching your tense; you kept going from past to present. It made reading a slight challenge. I strongly recommend going back and fixing that, it's clean up your writing a lot. Also, your punctuation could use some editing. You should go back and put some commas and periods in, that would be so much better. And one big Big BIG thing! Capitalization! It's just a little thing I'm obsessed with. When you are addressing the mother, the 'M' should be capitalized, due to the fact that it is a proper noun, someones name. Aside from those few things, I thought your writing was great! As I said before, the actions seem so realistic! I loved it!