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Treated like a slave by his step-brothers, Edward, called Cindereddy by his step-family, doesn't think there will ever be a way out for him. But then the Lovely Princess Eileen is kidnapped, and all the young men of the kingdom are allowed to search for her. The one who finds her will have her hand in marriage. Could this be Edward's chance at last? For the Genres contest in the Exciting Contests Group.


Writing, Adventure



over 5 years ago Nicole Enyart said:

I loved the riddle part and I like how this is actually a combination of fairytales.

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over 5 years ago Zea Pturin said:

i love it! i would double heart it if I could :P totally worth the swap!


over 5 years ago Ab said:

Figment needs a 'Yay!' button, just for this story. The riddle was clever and original, and having the key as the answer was symbolic as it literally unlocked the princess along with the riddle. Just one thing-"flury" should be "flurry." Keep writing!


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