Carrier of Death

Carrier of Death

2 chapters / 4672 words

Approximately 23 minutes to read


Addie's life was normal. She spent days with her best friend, went to parties, suffered through homework and delt with the ups and downs and being a teenager.
ERM....IGNORE THE SUMMARY! I suck at them. Ill come back to it later.


Life from my phones perspective 053

over 4 years ago Rachael Cronin said:

Nice! I would read more if you would write it!


over 4 years ago Molly McIlvar said:

This was absolutely amazing! Your descriptions were fabulous, and you had me hooked the whole way through. Great job!

A visit from karma 103

over 5 years ago Kenzie Turner said:

That was so are you so good at writing?!


over 5 years ago Sarah Brown said:

Wow...freakishly awesome! That scared me reallyy bad; I got a major case of the shivers. The way you built it up with the thumping noises really added to the suspense! Your usual astounding writing has captivated me again(:



over 5 years ago Esmeralda Rose said:

I thought it was good and well-thought-out. However, I found it a little confusing at parts. That may just be because I'm tired, though.:)