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Approximately 40 minutes to read


It was a beautiful day when Lucas Aldres finally returned home. After spending 5 years killing to protect his nation, he wasn't even considering the possibility that he'd be thrown right back into the middle of another war.
It isn't long, however, before Lucas finds that a division has appeared. In the world there is now a rift, a deep chasm between those who believe in the Almighty and those who do not. And recently, those who do not have found something else to believe in: The Heretic. This man claims to have discovered something world shattering, something absolutely astounding about life itself. He doesn't know, though, that his mere presence will break all the ties that bind.

Heretical will remain a partial until I have exhausted all possibility of finding a publishing agent. I hope you enjoy these preview chapters and, if you like it, say something nice in hopes that the entire book will hit the shelves one day!



over 6 years ago Erin L. said:

I've only read the first chapter but there's a really sophisticated air about your writing. I'm not sure how old you are but you did a great job writing the story of someone older. Great Job keep up the good work.

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almost 7 years ago Amy Grace Pointer said:

I like the story line so far, and I also think your writing just flows together beautifully, I hope you do get this published, because I think it should be :)


almost 7 years ago Zynathias Bornhold said:

If Figment were to implement a "Like" button for comments, that one would get it.


almost 7 years ago I<3Writing! said:

Jeez, I didn't expect these people to go all crazy over little old me... But seriously, this needs to be promoted more, or even published.


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almost 7 years ago Miriam Barton said:

I love this story! It's real. It has a point. And it's really interesting. It's quietly romantic. Still has action (verbally haha :) ) and it's just. GAH! I love it! You really should consider publishing it. I for one, would be happy to buy it. When…I'm old enough. xD I really love the idea, of two soldiers, two wives, and one debate in religion. Awesome. And just flawless. :)

Great story!~ :D Can't wait to hear more!