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He was God's most precious creation, the most beautiful angel there had ever been. He was the Morningstar...


Fantasy, Romance, Novel



about 3 years ago Isabel Filippone said:

Ahh, I'm so sorry I responded to this swap so late, life got in the way and I didn't have a chance to return it until now and for that I'm very sorry.

Ok, so I'm catholic, but I completely understand that this piece is just a work of fiction and not biblical accurate. I'm sorry if anyone gave you trouble for that sometimes people overreact a bit. Anyone I only read the first chapter, but I did enjoy it a lot. There is definitely an interesting premise there. It kind of reminded me of a show I really like on syfy called Dominion. I do think this idea is a bit played out though. The story flowed well, but I did feel like there was a little bit more telling than showing. The story overall was enjoyable though. Good job and sorry again.


about 3 years ago Stephanie Marasco said:

this was really cool, I liked your descriptions and your interpretation of the stories. It was a refreshing read and the overall idea was just awesome. I couldn't really see any grammar issues and the flow was also fine. Awesome job!!


about 3 years ago John Robin said:

Refreshing! Thanks for recommending this for our swap, and thanks for reviewing my story too. I enjoy stories that have Biblical influence, and, though much subtler, I enjoy working with such archetypes in my longer fiction as well. You do a great job here. I enjoy how you humanize Michael, especially the meeting of Lucifer, and the contrast, Michael, who we know as the archangel, as just a toddler, mesmerized by this new person who, as readers, we know is the devil. A great twist. As a reader were I to read more of this novel I'd expect it to develop more of the human side of the heavenly beings mythologized in the Bible and would look forward to exploring aspects of divinity within the human.


over 3 years ago Ayah said:

This good keep writing



about 3 years ago Willow J Flynn said:

I really like the concept of this. Religions have very interesting stories within them, and I am glad that you chose to retell this once in your own way. You've got a strong writing style that I enjoyed. I would recommend that you add a little more detail in places. For example, explain more about what the angels look like, where they are. In the second chapter you could give the reader some details about what the chapel looks like, that sort of thing. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this. Keep up the great writing!

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about 3 years ago elodie (offline) said:

I like the idea of your writing and the descriptions that are in your writing they make the story much more powerful.