The Morning Calm

The Morning Calm

1 chapter / 550 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


For the Snapshots of Feelings contest in the Exciting Contests group.I had trouble just picking one emotion. Duty and contentment.

Lady Katherine is the leader of a planetary outpost. Her days are filled with people and problems except for the short moments of the morning calm.


Writing, Short Story



almost 5 years ago TKAM said:

Wow. This is beautifully written and I love the plot. You have a wonderful way with words. I didn't notice many spelling mistakes, so kudos. Great job!


about 5 years ago Si Jia said:

I love it so much! I really enjoyed the plot and it was pretty creative. I didn't see many grammatical issues. Nice tone, style, and diction. Great job and keep it up!

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about 5 years ago Ali Mess said:

Please add a period after the first sentence! I wished you had a stronger intro but the rest was very solid and well-written. More emotions, perhaps, but definitely well done. :)


about 5 years ago Stay Strong said:

The descriptions were amazing! The Imagery was wonderful! Very well written, nice job!



about 5 years ago Madeline Nixon said:

Here are somethings I noticed,

"The soft pre-dawn..." You really don't need the "The" there.

"that needed to be (signed)..."

It is nice story and Keep Writing.

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over 5 years ago LuLu Smith said:

Great job. I really like that you get a sense of Lady Katherine's kindness and self-control. The only thing I noticed is that crows do not cock-a-doodle-do, roosters do. Crows caw. Also, you don't need to capitalize "man". Other than that, great job. Makes me think I need to have some sort of morning calming ritual, seems like a good way to start a day. Though I doubt mine will have anything to do with playing a flute down the streets of my village, lol. Nicely done!