sometimes (i can't breathe)

sometimes (i can't breathe)

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i have asthma. and i'm bipolar. and. sometimes. i can't breathe. since last thursday, i've been in a constant state of near-asthma.... there is a great youtube version here.



almost 5 years ago Beautifully Broken said:

Marvelous. Bloody marvelous. Like always, your writing style rocks. The repetition was beautiful here. This piece was beautiful in a haunting, chilly way. I felt like I was you, scared and unable to breathe. Just...are you going to publish a book of your poems? Because I would totally buy it.


over 5 years ago Ember Black said:



almost 6 years ago Alia R. said:

i liked it, i love your description of the inhaler, right on que! do you think you could read my poem 'ugly love'? it would mean a lot!


about 6 years ago Sunshine said:

That was amazing!!! That captures all your emotions really well.



over 5 years ago ariana sexton-hughes said:

abbey, this is more of a figment formatting issue than a writing issue. the problem was that figment added white space between the lines. i reformatted it for easier reading in figment. thanks for noticing.


over 5 years ago Abbey Evans said:

Wow, really depressing and sad. Stay strong!

This was hard to read for two reasons- it was saaaadd!, and I can't scroll down that much without getting irritated. And believe me, I got real mad trying to scroll down. It kept scrolling down too little and then too much... and I just gave up.

You should just write this out in sentences so we can read it. Like this; "Sometimes I can't breathe My chest tightens and I get so frightened".

See? It would work ten times better if you wrote it like this. Gosh, this was such an emotional piece! Very, very nice job! I'll be praying for you!