The Abandoned

The Abandoned

11 chapters / 1612 words

Approximately 8 minutes to read


I'm going to try entering some of these poems in a competition, Ill probably fail...but...I want to try...
I got really bored a few days ago and decided to make as many tags as possible...the end result is below This is a total of 11 chapters each poem is about 1 minute
yup I am done writing this! I will still edit this, but unless I see something really badly mistreated I will not add more to this. My inspiration for these were seeing different abandoned things in the world (seeing once mistreated dogs in animal shelters, seeing abandoned cats, a single balloon and dandelion in the sky etc...)
Please don't throw things out so easily! Cover from


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about 2 years ago Abby said:

I honestly started to cry at the first poem. I am very emotional about animals and I love your writing.


about 2 years ago E. Anderson said:

If you love poetry, you should join my group, Shadows on Paper, for contests, reads, and other great stuff! Help us make it to 25 members!


over 2 years ago J. Yu said:

Perhaps you could put these to lyrics, etc.? :)


over 2 years ago Shanea said:

I cried when I read these. They are so sad. You did a really good job on them though!



3 months ago adoesha said:

I enjoyed this immensely and could feel myself drawn into each poem written.


10 months ago Alexis said:

I can feel the emotion, it was a great poem! Nearly made me cry!