Cost of Revenge

Cost of Revenge

39 chapters / 170057 words

Approximately about 14 hours to read


[COMPLETE]First novel of Revenge Trilogy. How far will you go for revenge? For Dominic, the answer is quite simple. After discovering the horrifying truth about his past, Dominic was willing to give up everything: his family, his friends, even himself for the sake of it.

Cover by Olivia Ossege!

Historical Fantasy


Action, Romance, Novel
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Tommy 476

9 months ago Ellie Stauffer said:

WOW!!!!!!!!!! That story was so good there aren't even words to describe it!!!! You're SUCH a talented writer!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) By the way, I'm following you, and it would be nice if you followed me and ready my stories, "Taylee, Do Your Homework!" and "Lonna and Teddy". By the time you read this comment I might have added more, but my name is Ellie Stauffer. :)


almost 3 years ago selfie said:

Wow! This was amazing... I almost cried on the Prologue.. Keep writing..

Marsface avatar

almost 3 years ago Mars said:

I read through the first chapter.

The prologue was very interesting to me; I am curious as to exactly what was going on, and I thought the little girl's thoughts were accurately child-like.

Then I read the first chapter, and my interest was lost.

The writing itself is very lovely and flowing, but I didn't enjoy chapter one, and I found myself skimming to the end.

I think I just seem to be an odd one out, though, because the other commentators are interested in the full story, so take my words with a grain of salt!



about 3 years ago Serious Lake said:

Hey there, I read the prologue and really liked it! It was a bit confusing at parts, especially at the beginning but it definitely got my interested! The only things I think you should change are these:

"the sound of pain slapped against her face" -This sentence doesn't really make sense and it's kind of confusing as to what is happening.

The only other thing I found was that you need to put an 'of' after 'out' in the sentence "then out the warehouse"

Great job and keep writing! :)



7 months ago adoesha said:

I normally don't enjoy long books dealing with romance or action but I was immediately pulled into the story. You have excellent imagery and it flowed very well.

Dark fire

almost 3 years ago Ivy Redd said:

It looks like my review got posted twice...sorry about that!