Chance Encounters

Chance Encounters

1 chapter / 3880 words

Approximately 19 minutes to read


Four years ago, Grace lost Aidan Hopewell, her long-term crush and momentary something-more. When her car breaks down and none other than Aidan comes to her rescue, will she be able to let go and remember the boy he was before he disappeared? Or will she lose him again?



over 5 years ago Chloe the Mountain Girl said:

Great job!!! Awesome job working up the tension on your end. Write more romantic books....Please!!! :)


over 5 years ago MK said:

Bleh, happy endings make me sick. Awesome writing in this piece though.


over 5 years ago Kris said:

This is good and I'm not usually into romance! I like the way you slowly introduced the details of what was causing stress and fuss in Grace's life.


over 5 years ago Stacy B said:

Wow. Very sweet and well-written, with good dialogue and emotions and descriptions. I think you have a good chance in the contest. :)


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