The Magic of Insanity

The Magic of Insanity

2 chapters / 2762 words

Approximately 14 minutes to read


What if you were reviled by your country?
A nuisance, they called you. Like the plague. Where could you run? Where could you hide?
If the world was truly against you.
This is life for the witch-folk of Lilyet.
Five girls have given up hope. They remember when life used to be better but it's been a long time and a lot of people have died since then.
Join Sanity, Josephine, Nicole, Maddy and Caley as they explore their powers, meet some interesting friends and strive to make their world a better place.


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over 4 years ago Madison said:

Hurry and post more of the chapters! your readers are waiting... (ahem) also I'm coming up so you better get your chapters posted :) (BTW pun intended)

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over 4 years ago Josie :) said:

Why does it say join sainty? Are you not apart of it anymore?

-poppies -poppy-flower-cheapskate

almost 5 years ago Poppy said:

Nice flow and descriptions!


almost 5 years ago syd said:

Nice work! I love your descriptions, they're very detailed, which i like. The first chapter pulled me right in. It had all the elements of a good first chapter; intrigue and mystery. Overall, Great job!


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