Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke

8 chapters / 7706 words

Approximately 39 minutes to read


Magic has been stolen from the realms. Keira, once a skilled healer, and the perplexing Lord Roan have vowed to find the theif--even if it means rebellion. As the pair journeys across the contintent, only one thing is certain: neither will return unscathed.



over 5 years ago Becka Paula said:

i can tell you must have spent a lot of time on this and i really enjoyed it. i have to agree with others that the pacing was a bit off, but with a few edits, that can easily be fixed. i think more importantly, you have a story that is well-written and with developed characters and fantastic descriptions.

great job and keep writing!

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over 5 years ago Ally Black said:

Great read! I found myself getting into this.


over 5 years ago Rave said:

This was a great read! A little fast, but I was able to keep up. Nice work.

Witch chibi

over 5 years ago ~Kali Crossroads~ said:

It's interesting thus far I'd like reading the rest of it. You should describe the character more though, all we know is she has short hair and once had magic.



almost 5 years ago Elena Russi said:

I read the beginning, although it's very intresting, I think you move really fast. Why would Demp just let her leave all of a sudden? It seems like she is taht of a slave, and then just to let her go. I tink it would be a good idea to do some back tracking almost so we can understand Keiras struggles. Because we don't know that character, and then she's all of a sudden in a new place. We also find out who the Pyre is in the summary, not the beginning.

I think its a good story line, and you can really try to describe the scene, and the dinner, it just seems wierd that it was like this happened, this ahppened, its not showing(:

I hope this helped!


almost 5 years ago Jeremiah Rivera said:

This is a swap for Locked In. Thanks for your review. I really liked this story. I didn't read the entire thing yet but it's really nice so far. I liked how you're creating an entire world. And you write really well. Keep me updated.