Dancer For Now, Friends for Life

Dancer For Now, Friends for Life

1 chapter / 940 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


When Massie Block left for England, Alicia Rivera was totally unsure of being the new alpha even though she has had more tries than Miley and Liam at love. Now 10 years later, Alicia feels like the alpha of the world, especially since Massie hadn't contacted Alicia since graduation!



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almost 6 years ago Mara Li Hart said:

isn't this already a movie?


over 6 years ago wow said:

This is great!

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over 6 years ago ♥ Hannah ♥ said:

LUVED it! Heart for a Heart?


over 6 years ago Anita B. said:

Hey very cute story! I liked it a lot and the cover is very nice.


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over 6 years ago Bobbi-Jean said:

Awwe! So cute. Makes me think of the old days lol. Anyway, I would totally recomend this to many other people! I cannot believe you dont have any more hearts