A Pairing Of The Unwanted

A Pairing Of The Unwanted

3 chapters / 1142 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


In a time of war, fate unexpectedly brings two opposites together.

Author's Note:
The word limit for the contest restricts me from using over 1,200 words. After the contest, I may decide to continue this story.

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almost 5 years ago A.Rodayissocoollike said:

Hi, I'm kinda new to figment and I'm wondering if you can read my short story, Nobody loves you the way I do. It's really short like a minute to read. Heart if you like it. Comment suggestions about my story.


almost 5 years ago Familiara Kalessa Flame said:

I liked it a ton. It pulled me in from the start. Wow!


almost 5 years ago E.C Sterling said:

This was pretty good, I think you should check out my story as well. Hearted.


almost 5 years ago John Imm said:

The idea behind this is actually pretty good! The only problem for me was getting hooked to it. I understand that this was for a contest and the word count was restricted and I take that to mind. To me this could have been a very good piece of work if you found another way to hook the reader right at the beginning. As a final word, I say, good job



almost 5 years ago Stephanie Lindsay said:

This was good.I like how it began. I liked how the dwarves created new life. Well thought out. I loved it. Keep up the good work! :)


almost 5 years ago Alice Clair said:

(Swap for Oh, Shame) Although the two characters reunion was easily predicted, this is still well written. I understand that the contest most likely had a word limit, but once it is over, the second chapter could most definitely be elongated. All in all, well done.