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What do you have when you are stripped of everything?


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over 5 years ago Whimsically_Me said:

Wow, your quite good with poetry. Breaking off and putting the line 'Be Naked' on a different line made it stand out more and made it fairly clear of what you mean in this. I really like this, it is very good. =)

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over 6 years ago Chris Grayburn said:

I liked the message from this! You do a great job with rhythem. It flowed very nicely


over 6 years ago S.J. said:

My original comment was deleted before I posted it so please forgive me if this isn't as detailed as possible. I'm not one for repetitiveness.

I found your style unique in the fact that instead of combining the lines together into a single stanza, you broke it up with the line "Be Naked" which embedded into the mind about what the poem's about.

I simply adore what the poem is about. I've interpreted it to meaning that we are covered, cloaked while we must strip away what isn't necessarily there.

My favorite was the first stanza (starting with "You have lived life") but especially the second half of it.

I'll admit: the last stanza had me a bit confused at first but I managed to somewhat break it down into meaning that while we were sent free of any coverups and we were born with a bounty but while we return, the nakedness is more shame that freedom. Kind of like the Garden of Eden.

I liked it. :)

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about 7 years ago Sebastian Mathias Armendariz said:

Justin: Your feedback is well appreciated! I'm glad we like each other's work.


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