Us, Teens (Not the usual teen book)

Us, Teens (Not the usual teen book)

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What I've been thinking about recently about teen books and the "stereotypical teen". My opinion and my thoughts; you don't have to agree but I would like your opinions (and tell me about your school as well!!!). Thank you :)


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over 3 years ago Lillie Rose said:

I've been thinking about this concept too. Writing and teen books often have these themes that don't really exist outside of the clich├ęs.

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over 5 years ago Jace Micah said:

Insanity. This is definitely a lot of my thinking put into words. I'm impressed with how you did that

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over 5 years ago brooke littman said:

wow, this is like real talk, it just puts teen life in a nut shell. i know for one in my group that i have a musical prodigy, a girl who does musical theater, a girl who sings, swims and plays guitar, and then there's me, the athlete and partial guitarist. i totally agree with you though, those teen books are way to stereotypical. XD


over 5 years ago Melanie said:

I wrote a similar thing recently, called "How to Be Popular". But in honesty, what I wrote about is exactly how it is at my school. Most people see the "stereotypical", but something had to be the basis for the stereotype, right? My school is actually like the stereotype. Everything is based on appearances and cliques and who knew who when. Yes, there are a lot of books that exaggerate it, but there are also a lot of high schools that embody it. Maybe it's just in Northern Ohio, where I live, but every high school in this areas is EXACTLY like the stereotype.


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almost 6 years ago Tasha Starre said:

I love the way you wrote this. You shed light on what teens are really like, not like the stereotypical jocks, geeks, outliers that only exist in books. I really, REALLY liked your point on how the authors of most of the teen-based novels nowadays are mostly adults, and all that they can relate to are memories of their high school years. Other than a few minor spelling/grammatical errors, you have provided a real insight into the modern world of teenagers. ~T*S*

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almost 7 years ago *ryan* said:

My school is probably the most stereotypical school in the nation. I am most likely considered to be one of those "anti-school" people who just go to school because either a). Their parents make them or, b). For their friends. I'm also a band geek, but I've got a "people pleaser/Asian" friend (I'm not racist), a Drama Club friend, and friends who are like me. It seems like everyone pretty much hates those "popular" kids. No one looks up to them like stereotypical authors pretend people do. It doesn't work that way *at all*. Finally, the teen world rejoices as someone prepares middle aged authors what the *real* teen world is like!