The Pixies

The Pixies

3 chapters / 1838 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


A young girl discovers that she is one of the very few fairies that ever lived along with her best friend !



about 5 years ago Madeleine G. said:

Great tween story. The ending was very good and hooking. Awesome concept, also. The only thing really would be the grammar and format! Keep it up, this is great!:)


over 5 years ago Nolan Gross said:

This could deffinatly use some work, but it's pretty good and interesting. I liked the plot!

The new doctors

over 5 years ago Liliana Lee Lovell said:

Yeah I agree with the last comment


over 5 years ago Ria said:

I suggest editing this piece =) Maybe run it through word or something, You were missing punctuation and had unneeded spaces. (Make new paragraphs for new speakers) =) Nothing horrible! Your plot doesn't seem bad at all.




about 5 years ago DeathFlower93 said:

Hmm, interesting idea but you need to turn each chapter into more than one paragraph. Also, put commas before you end the quote. Moreover, there are run-on sentences, so watch out for that. Otherwise, very interesting as I said before, keep uploading! :)


about 5 years ago taylor cecan said:

Wow, this is really interesting and definitely something unique. You had some grammar and spelling mistakes but nothing too hard to fix. Also, I think that you need to have more breaks..meaning different paragraphs. The single giant paragraph in the first chapter makes it extremely hard to read. But other than that, I really liked it! Hope you add more soon.