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Plagiarism doesn't exist in my book.


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over 6 years ago Robin Oh said:

ha =) This could pass for slam poetry =D that was really WOW! XD


over 6 years ago Brooke Johnson said:



over 6 years ago Mira Wilkowlaski said:

I liked the poem- it's always so annoying when you come up with an idea you think is original, then can't actually write it because someone else did already. One nit-pick: 'certian' in the sixth line from the end should be spelled 'certain'.


over 6 years ago Lorde Doge (Ultimate Forme) said:

The structure of this poem is great. It forces readers to focus on every word in each line because each line is so short. And focusing is just what you want them to do. Good poem.


over 6 years ago Zaphodora Beeblebrox said:

I love it this is one of your better pieces. The formatting really works and makes you slow down. It's very coherent, but rather than just focusing on one facet e.g. 'we all plagiarize' you have several different strands: being upset then realizing that that's how your brain works too and then going back to being "upset" but for a different reason. Of course you said it much more eloquently.

There are a few lines which I think could be improved like 'a law in which..' sounds awkward. 'A law where' (even though it's not grammatically perfect) or you could just say "we as a universe have decreed.." (since that's basically what decrees used to be.) When you say 'if you think technical' it doesn't really fit; the rest of the prose is very polished, it would be better if it was rephrased in my opinion.

I also agree with Steele it's very good but it could use more metaphor.. also there's a typo 'certian' should be 'certain' :)


almost 7 years ago Zynathias Bornhold said:

I can agree with this poem. I've said that originality is dead for quite some time, now. And I love the repetition near the start of "Our words, our stories, our articles" and the descending run of words near the end. It makes the poem visually culminate on that final word.