The Land Of No Return

The Land Of No Return

1 chapter / 537 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Goal: 70 hearts**Entry for the FalseMemoryContest**
Georgia Rivers is the leader of a team of vampire slayers. Leaving her family at just seven years old to train to be one of the best, and to 'fulfill her destiny' as her trainers call it, even though she is almost positive that it's a quote straight out of Buffy. Stuck with a position she did not ask for, she yearns for a normal life, but how is that possible when the entire world depends on you?



almost 3 years ago chelsea summers said:

I like it but I was kinda shocked to find only one page. Think of me as a book vampire and I want more of this fantastic world of yours


over 5 years ago Singularity said:

This story seems to have a lot of potential. I really enjoy reading Georgia's 'voice' and am interested in finding out more of her backstory. It's a really nice start. I hope that you'll expand on it sometime.


over 5 years ago Morgan Manning said:

I really liked this! You created some pretty compelling characters and story ideas in a really short space. I hope you expand it after the contest! Georgia is a great voice for the narrator, I liked her world-weary attitude about vampire slaying. It was a good read.


over 5 years ago Maggie Reid said:

I am probably going to make it more in depth with the characters and their backrounds after the contest is over.


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