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This is dedicated to a girl I know. Not going to name any names... I guess this is me, expressing my feelings about her.




over 4 years ago Rida said:

It was quite cool but I sensed that a bit more work couldve been better but still it was sad


about 5 years ago Aileen V. said:

The emotion in this poem is really strong, you did a wonderful job in conveying it to the reader. The poem was written beautifully. You did an amazing job! :)


about 5 years ago Parks said:

I decided to read this, and I have to say this, I usually don't like poetry, this is different somehow, this is just pure raw feelings. You can really feel the emotions through your writing.



about 5 years ago Simone Tilmon said:

idc that its was sorrowful, it was beautifully written nd i reali njoyd this. i happen 2 think that sad/depressing tales r the best 2 write about nd understand, please keep writing 4 ppl lyk me


about 5 years ago Zarina C. said:

Ahhhh!!! Okay, I put shiver cause seriously from reading this...I shivered!

This poem was oozing with genuine feelings. I could seriously feel your pain, and thats the sign of a great poem. LUV it!


over 5 years ago e.p. said:

I liked this!:) it's very relatable to someone who's ever been through a tough relationship, and that's really cool how you put that into words so easily. I saw only one spelling mistake (you wrote "agian" instead of "again" I think) and I liked how you switched off rhyming the lines x