As To Why I'm Late For This Meeting

As To Why I'm Late For This Meeting

1 chapter / 384 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


First place in comedic contest for Exciting Contest group. Hope you enjoy!


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about 5 years ago Nobody in Particular said:

Oh my gosh This was hilarious!


about 5 years ago M. N. Austin said:

Oh man, I loved this! I laughed when I read excuse #4. The whole entry was funny and the end made it even funnier.


over 5 years ago HannahCS said:

This was really funny. Loved it.



over 5 years ago Alyssa Hollingsworth said:

Ha! That made me snicker. Loved the ending.

There's a lot of telling in this, instead of showing. You could have the character turn over, see the time. Show her flying out of bed with the train of thought and brushing her teeth while she tries to come up with excuses.

Otherwise, it was good!