Tied to a Mast

Tied to a Mast

2 chapters / 2220 words

Approximately 11 minutes to read


Lenora's wedding is not what she dreamed it would be, because she's getting married to the wrong person. Instead of a man she fell in love with, she has ended up with a sullen and unattractive guy she barely knows. This is the story of how that goes. From the August 21, 2012 Daily Theme: Wedding Disaster. Cover credit goes to Ariana Raven. :)


Writing, Romance, Novel



over 5 years ago M. N. Austin said:

I really got connected to the characters! Nice job!


over 5 years ago Brooklyn L said:

This was really well written in terms of getting inside the main characters head and expressing her emotions. Good job and keep at it :)


over 5 years ago Keira Casanova Hale said:

This was great!!


over 5 years ago Katie ZaBAM said:

Awww...this was a sad read, but not really a sob story (thank goodness), but more like hauntingly sad. I like that you don't come out to say it in words, exactly, but instead allow Lenora's attitude/actions define her feelings on the matter of the arranged marriage. Fantastic job! I really enjoyed this. :D



over 5 years ago Georgia Bish said:

Really well written. I feel sorry for her. I would first of all get a cover!! Have someone make it maybe??? Next you're descriptions are good. Please write more and keep me posted please. I'd like to follow along with your story!! Georgia. :) Keep Writing!!