The Purple Smudge

The Purple Smudge

5 chapters / 7851 words

Approximately 39 minutes to read


*A Sherlock fanfiction* Sherlock is delighted at the idea of a new case, even more so when he finds out the subject - three murders, no fingerprints, a purple symbol on the victim's palms. Intrigued, Sherlock digs deeper, not realising how much the case will damage him...



over 4 years ago Sarah Spradlin said:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're featured as some of the best Shelock fanfition :) Great work!


over 4 years ago Allison Rose said:

I love the line in Chapter 2 about gut instincts and how intestines cannot think with logic and reason! :D


over 4 years ago MJB said:

Wow, this is awesome! You got Sherlock so well! Just saw this fanfiction on the daily fig and the first paragraph hooked me. Couldn't stop reading until the end!

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about 5 years ago Laura said:

I love this!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sherlock and you definitely did it justice! Well done!



almost 5 years ago Brianna said:

You told me to review whatever I wanted, and as soon as I saw the phrase "Sherlock Fan Fiction" I knew what I was reviewing! I'm basically just going to write whatever pops into my head while I'm reading here, so bear with me!

The reference to drugs makes me happy. A lot of people forget that about Sherlock, and I'm a sucker for adherence to canon. Something about John's dialogue doesn't seem as accurate as Sherlock's, but I can't put my finger on it. When he panics at the beginning, I would turn the dial of worry down a bit and hike up the annoyance. John would be well used to Sherlock doing stupid things at this point, and once he figured out his friend wasn't dead would be more irritated than anything else. It bugged me to hear Sherlock use the word stupid. That's more of a child's insult then one Sherlock would use. I appreciate what you were trying to do, but I don't think Sherlock thinks of his personality as fun. He thinks solving cases is fun, but a major aspect of Sherlock's personality is a certain amount of hatred for himself, whether or not he shows it. Again, lines like "Sherlock smiled broadly" don't really fit in character. Not that Sherlock doesn't smile, but he doesn't exactly make a habit out of grinning. Lestrade correcting how Sherlock addresses him strikes me as out of character. If John calls him Greg and Sherlock always calls him Lestrade, it doesn't really make sense for him to insist on his title being used. The line of dialogue that begins with "Understandable. Three murders..." is confusing because your dialogue tag is about Lestrade, not Sherlock, the speaker. I'm not sure a mock salute is in character for Sherlock. Being nitpicky about personality again, but when Sherlock is happy it isn't something he tends to advertise by having a spring in his step and an excess of joviality. He might be pleasant, might be in a more biting wit, or might just be getting on well with John more than usual, but he's not usually a jovial person, regardless of how happy he happens to be. This is just a suggestion, but for the exchange between Anderson, Donovan, Sherlock, and John, I would have Sherlock not dignify them with dialogue and have John do the defending for both of them. Sherlock's exchange with Lestrade over the case information is really good, I felt that was both written well and properly in character for them both. You do know Oliver Wood is a Harry Potter character, right? Ooh, a twist!

I'm only reviewing the first two chapters, but I intend to finish reading all five. It's very good so far!


about 5 years ago Aub said:

I'm almost done reading this and I CAN'T STOP!!!

I hate giving "Hey! This was great! Nothing to critique!" reviews because I know how utterly useless they are but seriously...I couldn't find much to critique!

You're writing is fantastic. I wish my writing was as clean, crisp and flowed so well!

You have the personality of each character down SO well, it felt like I was watching an un-aired episode of the show.

There was only one thing that seemed off. When Sherlock is going to the police station, he says he doesn't care for it because there are too many people there who don't like him. I'm a little torn on this because my initial response was this is Sherlock Holmes we're talking about. He REALLY doesn't care what other people think of him, if anything, he goads people with more insults. Then another part of me thinks that is a side we don't see of him. Maybe he's keeping a front to protect himself from all the people that don't like him.

Otherwise, EXCELLENT job! You've inspired me to be more detailed in my writing!