I Chose the Monster

I Chose the Monster

1 chapter / 3952 words

Approximately 20 minutes to read


Plague has spread throughout the world. And to make matters worse, a supposed cure for the sickness had unexpected side effects that turned people into monsters. While the healthy people live in safe areas, the diseased are given two choices––be euthanized, or sent out into the ruined cities to kill the zombie-like creatures that now infest them. Two teenage plague victims, Nina and Juliet, choose to become hunters. And in the short time they have left of their lives––before the disease consumes them––they must learn to work together and understand each other in order to fight against the darkness. (For the "Defy the Dark" contest.)



over 4 years ago Lord Charlotte said:

this is good!


about 5 years ago Mitch Crosby said:

I'm hooked, I do I get the rest of the book?


over 5 years ago Julia World~Weaver said:

Oh my goodness! This is horribly epic! I'm not really a zombie person but this was brilliant! I loved it! I have nothing bad to say or pick at. I was too wrapped up in your amazing story to search for 'problems'. I am so proud of you! Lol this is fantastic! I wish I could give it more hearts!


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