Not A Love Story

Not A Love Story

6 chapters / 1525 words

Approximately 8 minutes to read


In this short story a teens life is shatter to pieces like glass when he finds out that the girl he loves, loves another guy. Will he be able to win her affections or will he loose her to this other guy?Poems will be included between chapters.


Writing, Poetry, Drama


My flowers

about 5 years ago Danielle Jean said:

Really, really good story! Lately I've found myself liking stories that open with poems like yours. It's a really great story!


about 5 years ago Kira Martin said:

Like this so far! It's an interesting idea. For the poem, there were a few lines that didn't flow well, so think about redoing them. Keep writing!


about 5 years ago DeathFlower93 said:

What what what! Why can't I access chapter 6?! This is amazing, nice start. There were couple of grammatical mistakes, but over all, good job. Continue!


over 5 years ago Alex M. Stache said:

(Swap for Don't Let Them Win) This is really good. I liked your poems in the beginning. I loved the way you had a realistic voice. (I put laugh because of his internal conflict) Anyways, great job!


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