The Mysterious Undertakings of Mara Dew

The Mysterious Undertakings of Mara Dew

1 chapter / 3967 words

Approximately 20 minutes to read


When Edinburgh's feistiest apprentice makes a drastic attempt to change her circumstances, she has no idea whose grave she's digging.



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almost 5 years ago Lady Disdain said:

Ha, I joined this site so I could write a review for this story and now you're following me. (You do realize I don't have anything on here :P)



Sally Anderson!!! Short version: I love it!

Long version: The way you write with the generous descriptions, and even just the manner of the descriptions, immediately brought to mind all those tales of adventures mixed in with fantasy I read as a child. It was a really comforting feeling, but more than that, the descriptions really painted a vivid picture in my head. I could see everything. Everything! And the characters just jump off the page (screen?). I think it was something I was even more struck by, because you push the reader right into the thick of it, and I didn't really have any idea who these people were, but they quickly began taking form just a few paragraphs in. Which brings me to the next point: WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??? Gah!

I liked that element of mystery in this as well, and Eli Hawk is intriguing! He's painted a little darkly, but there seems more to him? Same with the cheeky Sloan guy. I liked the little banter between him and Mara. And you should have seen my face when what she did to the convict was revealed. I mean, I cooled down quickly after that, but still. Ha.

Anyway. When you publish this (because you have to, there's no other option, and there MUST be more *glares*) let me know asap because I will be rushing out to buy it. And I really enjoyed reading this. So thanks =)