Summer of 98 (a poem)

Summer of 98 (a poem)

1 chapter / 132 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


I wrote this for my "first love" Robbie Smith. I hadn't seen him in six years, but we kept in touch through letters. When we saw one another again, neither was what the other was expecting. That's okay though, because I learned what love is and now I am in love with the most truly amazing and wonderful man, James Angell!! Thanks Robbie for teaching me what to look for; someone who loves me even if I am not their expectation of "perfect".


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about 4 years ago Elizabeth James said:

I liked this very much... one heart for you. :)



about 4 years ago ThatStarryNight said:

This is a pretty sophisticated poem. This definitely caught my eye and when i saw the first few line i knew right away that this would indeed be a very emotional poem. Emotions can be difficult to express: but you have painted it perfectly that the reader can easily feel the sentiments you were trying to portray. And a something i would like to praise about the poem; I absolutely liked the way you express in clear and concise manner.