Pill Baby

Pill Baby

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This is my story about the double edged sword of the anxiety medication I used to take. It made me so carefree but at the same time depressed and apathetic. Eventually someone noticed and my doctors took me off of it. Coming off felt like hell, and as much as I wanted to be normal again, I knew how easy life felt with the medication.

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Emily 2015 362

3 months ago Emily Bailie said:

This is so beautiful


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9 months ago Karla Gabriela said:

This is so lyrical and beautiful. I was partially rapping and singing it in my head, and that's when you know that it's good. Thank you so much for writing this. Some of us go through problems like these and reading something like this really helps people who can relate. The only thing about this poem I would mention since this is a review is that you should maybe check the flow of your poem. I feel like some of the bigger chunks could be spaced out because I feel like i'm reading faster when it's a bigger section. Other than that this was great!


about 2 years ago Brianna Rose said:

Beautifully written!