Pill Baby

Pill Baby

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This is my story about the double edged sword of the anxiety medication I used to take. It made me so carefree but at the same time depressed and apathetic. Eventually someone noticed and my doctors took me off of it. Coming off felt like hell, and as much as I wanted to be normal again, I knew how easy life felt with the medication.

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about 1 month ago Lucas Castro said:

Very heart felt. I love it.


3 months ago iron man said:

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Double hearts

5 months ago Vanna said:

I take anxiety meds too and I know what you mean. They help but they change you at the same time. Great writing about the truth behind psych meds



over 2 years ago Puppetmaster said:

This is beautiful. I love your ability to rhyme, and to keep this almost spiraling out of control feeling to the poem. I don't know if you are a big song person, but I feel like this could be a good Broadway song.


over 2 years ago Alyss Heart said:

This poem, sadly, is quite relate-able to some people, even if they don't want to admit it. This poem especially is relate-able to me, though the opposite. They wanted me on pills, but I didn't want to be, and these were my feelings in reverse. This poem is perfect, and REALLY amazing.

Happy writings ~Alyss