Words Aren't Always Spoken

Words Aren't Always Spoken

2 chapters / 1094 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


PLEASE HEART THIS!!! MY GOAL IS 200 PLEASE HELP ME REACH IT!!Hanna lived in silence. Her hands were her voice. Not many people understood her. But then there was Max.

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almost 5 years ago Palig Daghlian said:

Love Love Love tough it would be better if you added what happened in that year rather than skipping it anw it was sooo cuttee (:


about 5 years ago Kay said:

This is so gorgeous :) Great writing! Kimmy x

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over 5 years ago Katelyn Phillips said:

It's so short, yet so breathtaking. I really love what you've done with this piece. I'm sorry I haven't gotten to it sooner...

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over 5 years ago Gigi said:

I agree with Desiree! this is too short! Its so beautiful...maybe it could be longer after the contest? I really hope you win the contest! Gigi



over 5 years ago Lynnie Falby said:

This story is one of those pieces that makes you immediately root for the characters, a great accomplishment(: I liked that the narrator was not bitter, even though she was describing some hardships of her life. Though the characters were great, I think the word limit may have restricted you in establishing as strong a chemistry as possible. Once the contest is over, I would advise editing it to add in some more memories or any connector between that first day and a serious relationship. I'd love to read more about the couple. Also, the description at the beginning of the second chapter seemed a little out of place with little to no imagery before that point. It was very good-- just add a bit more beforehand to round out the piece. Overall, delightful and heartfelt! Keep writing(:


over 5 years ago MaryBeth Mulhall said:

Sweet little story. Go through it a couple times because there are some spelling and punctuation errors.

One thing I found a little odd...if she's deaf, why isn't she paying more attention in class? I would think she would either need an aide with her to take the notes or she would have to lip read the teacher. How would she pass the class if she was doodling? :P

I don't know if there's a word count for this contest, but there are some words that could be cut so you could describe a little more. It's a cute story but it needs a little something more. A little more development between the characters.

Good luck!