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**(critiques/reviews wanted!) Work in progress... The story of how two people of the past are entwined in a new future by the power of music. Something I wrote in 8th grade when love was pure and high school was something amazing. I'm still in the process of revising. Enjoy the first chapters. :)

**Edit (11/6): Tweaks to all of the chapters, and chap 7 added!


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Grey wolf-eyes.

about 6 years ago J.Wolf said:

I would love to read chapter 7 but it is not available,so could you fix that or are you writing it now?

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over 6 years ago A said:

This is good so far! I like the kitten's name. If I might point out though I find the use of the word 'contentedly' and other forms of content a bit repetitive when talking about Pepper. I enjoyed what you have so far and look forward to another chapter. ~A

Wolf howling

over 6 years ago Åɳɳḭε said:

Aw, this was so sweet! I love the idea you used for this, how music eventually brought Luke with the students and Claire. I really want to know what happens next now! >__< I would suggest transitioning between the first two chapters better though, because it sounded abrupt and random, and I was confused.


over 6 years ago Dragonfly said:

I can really relate!


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