Blood Rush and Butterflies

Blood Rush and Butterflies

4 chapters / 3118 words

Approximately 16 minutes to read


"There is no such thing as the end of life.
There is only the end of THIS perception of life
with THIS body you are creating in THIS now,
moment by moment."

-Jani King



almost 5 years ago Don Suero Dequinones said:

Impressive desrciption and twists and turns in the storyline just amazing keep up the good work.


about 5 years ago Nolee Balaqua said:

*Blinks at computer, shocked* This is--there's no words--this is just...WHOA. I don't know what to do but stare and heart it. It was captivating and kept me intrigued all the while. The title is pure genius, I want you to be my editor or something-Following you now.



over 5 years ago Jasmine q. Lee said:

I like the poem in the beginning and it seems quite interesting. I like the idea and yoru style of writing


over 5 years ago A Girl That Writes said:

wow i really like where this story is going. it sounds like its going to be good :) the story line is original and i love the details you put into it! great job on this and i hope you continue soon :D


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