The Cliffs

The Cliffs

2 chapters / 1999 words

Approximately 10 minutes to read


Lake Satte goes to the cliffs every summer to relax. When she was little she went with her parents - but this year she's 16, older, more mature, and can drive on her own.
Prepared for a summer full of tanning, boys, and air conditioning, Lake drives over to the Cliffs. Soon after she arrives she meets up with her best friend Clare, who moved there last year. They reunite and have the time of their lives.
But after a tragic accident two weeks into her vacation, Lake is left alone at her beach house, counting the hours until she's expected back home.
Until, that is, Thayer comes into her life. Suddenly, Lake isn't herself. She's a partying, wild, cheating, manipulating, liar.


Adventure, Drama, Romance


Book pp

almost 5 years ago Gala Najmi Haradea said:

Please update!!! All the stories I've read from you are all amazing!


about 5 years ago Haley Kell said:

Please update!


over 5 years ago S@R@H said:

This sounds REALLY good. . . I CANNOT wait til you write more!!!!! YAYAYAYA


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