Defying Death

Defying Death

1 chapter / 73 words

Approximately half a minute to read


My first poem!! You likey?? :)


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about 5 years ago Nikki Cee said:

I really like the flow of your story. You managed to make a poem that most people do (death) and manage to make it your own.


about 5 years ago Lolli Liane said:

Amazing work. This is your first poem? You have a gift :D Haha. I got the chills at some parts, but I like chills o.o Aaaanyways...keep writing!


about 5 years ago L.B.K said:

Wow! Very nice and strong poems! My favorite line was "Death whispers "I am Coming"" Seriously gave me the chills! That was like WOW! It was amazing and the impact was beautiful. Fabulous job! :D

Love gl

over 5 years ago GL said:

I really enjoyed reading this! I am not a peotry kind of person, but I really loved this! Awesome job ;)


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over 5 years ago Abdul-Basir Abdullah said:

Very well written and to the point. LEGIT!

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over 5 years ago Molzoe said:

Very nice I like it except the God bit. I'm an atheist so, ya.