The Best Four Years

The Best Four Years

3 chapters / 2216 words

Approximately 11 minutes to read


© Sienna's little brother has leukemia. They found it late - and she knows that there probably isn't much time left. And that's why she promises him the best winter ever.
*PLEASE HEART! Based on Taylor Swift's "Ronan"! Goal: 200*


Drama, Novel



about 5 years ago Sophie said:

Ty is so cute! I can imagine him really well and what a nice sister Sienna is. Keep up the good work!


over 5 years ago Erin Z. said:

AWWWW, this is sooo sweet. It really grabbed me right there and really really budged me to go on. I hope you'll continue!!!


over 5 years ago Rachael F said:

Great story I like how you brought it to life.

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over 5 years ago BubblexDrops said:

What I meant was 'Great job'



over 5 years ago Alix Elizabeth said:

I enjoyed this. Sometimes cancer stories can be overly sappy or melodramatic (and I can sadly tell you from experience, it's usually not like that at all). You played a nice balance of build-up to the declaration that we know is coming. There is a nice sense of dread, in terms of foreshadowing. My suggestion is to do more research into medical terms and conditions. 21 pounds is a normal weight for a one-year-old, and I find it extremely unlikely that his family would not have noticed such drastic weight. Also, unless his mother had something else on her mind or worked too much to notice, I would guess that most parents would ask a pediatrician if their child was only eating a couple bites of food for meals. Just a suggestion. Have a nice day! ~Alix Elizabeth~