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She’s the Hawk. Well, not really a hawk, because honestly, have you ever heard of a bird-of-prey teaching History of the Americas?

***in progress!



about 5 years ago L. Schmidt said:

More concerned with policing than teaching, is the Hawk. That always sends the smart ones into rebellion.

For such a short piece, you put the perfect amount of story into it. Other than the very last line being a little abrupt, it was perfection.

Apple pie seems the only logical result of George meeting Johnny, so I hope the girls included it in their alternate history. Maybe the Hawk would have appreciated it more if she had been covering for the English class.

Good luck on the contest,


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about 5 years ago ♥Felicia K. said:

This was a great short story! Your description of everything is absolutely amazing. Awesome job :)

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about 5 years ago Jake Leischner said:

Great short story! It reminded me of some of my teachers, and everything was described perfectly, from her hair, to they way they changed the lecture.


about 5 years ago I Am The Dark Lord Satan said:

Wow! Please continue and let me know when you write more:) Did this come from a personal experience??? Happy writings!

-Silkstone Blue



about 5 years ago Kailey Navin said:

It's a fun idea, I think everyone can relate to having a teacher like this :) I would've liked a little more conflict, but you probably just started so that's why there's not a ton yet. Great job!


about 5 years ago whiterose said:

So far I am loving this, though it's short enough that I hesitate to give too much of a review just yet :) the only real criticism I have for you is one line - "from the instant she first stepped though the door" - I think it should be the instant she stepped or the moment she first stepped: I can't say exactly why but it doesn't sound right otherwise in my opinion. The humorist awesome though- but it definitely raises questions about why she's there if she can't teach...looking forward to more :)