So I'm New Here

So I'm New Here

9 chapters / 9848 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


**UNFINISHED** College is hard, but sometimes a little time away from home can fix the problems you had there. This is the story of young Master Stevenson, and every fault that has ever happened, about to come to a boiling point.


Comedy, Drama, Novel


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over 5 years ago RumbleroarRedvines said:

This is so vair vair funny. It's like if Holden Caulfield were drunk and clumsy. Literally laughed out loud at some points.


over 5 years ago Kira Martin said:

This was great! The voice was great as was the humor! Wonderful job! The only thing that would make this better would be if the mc was a worm. Lol jk. Keep writing!


over 5 years ago Sarah Littlejohn said:

I meant to read the first chapter and quit for a while... but, this had me hooked. I absolutely love your writing style! Keep this up!

Lightning eyes

over 5 years ago Sarah Appleyard said:

Just read the next few chapters. Two definite's - 1. My roommate thinks I'm insane for sitting here giggling my head off and 2. Seriously, 20 bucks? lol Most definitely worst idea :P



over 5 years ago Juliet Bravo said:

As a college freshman myself, so I can relate to this SO MUCH. I was gonna keep notes of what I thought was funny, but halfway through I realized that I would be writing down the entirety of your story. I think the one that stood out to me the most came early on- "I don't know, I'm an art major."

Overall, you use humor very effectively and still convey an accurate depiction of college life- the feelings of newness, the crazy roommates, the freakin longboarders, and the whole "is alcohol cool or a fiasco waiting to happen?" thing.

Great job and I'll have to check in to see if you write more!