Happiness Is.....

Happiness Is.....

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HELLO ALL FIGMENTERS! I need your help. This is a collection of things that are happiness. "Happiness is making it to your bedroom door in the dark without stepping on the cat." Leave a sliver of happiness as a comment and it will go in the collection. I will give you credit! Notice, contributing to this does NOT count as a swap. I ask you to do this out of the goodness of your very own hearts. Thank you!
p.s. thank you to Charles Schultz for giving me this idea and to Mo(Moo)(the dalek)I.G. for giving me ideas for the cover. The art is of course the work of Charles Schultz I hold no claim to this artwork whatsoever.



about 2 years ago Helen He said:

Happiness is sitting at your desk and writing for hours while listening to your favorite music, because it's what you love to do.


over 2 years ago Coral Vaci said:

Happiness is holding a purring cat

Happiness is when you know that you'd do any thing for that guy you like.

Happiness is comming back to something you thought you would never like again.

Happiness is writing.

Happiness is enjoying the things you love.

Happiness is in you.


over 3 years ago Meg Darke said:

Happiness is listening to music with the volume so loud you can feel the words vibrate and pound in your own head.


over 3 years ago Rhiannon Allen said:

Happiness is when everything seems to be falling apart at the seams around you, there are those two guys that just seeing them walk into school in the morning lights you up with excitement.

Happiness is after a rough, emotional week, you get that Saturday to just let loose and have fun with those two guys who mean the world to you, and having all those memories of you three that you wouldn't trade for anything.

Happiness is walking down the hall at school, and feeling like a dynamic trio with your two favorite guy friends.



over 3 years ago Nerina Summer-Leah Blais said:

By the way, you spelled my last name wrong. My name is spelt CHRISTINE L. O'KEEFE.


almost 4 years ago Emily Bruss said:

Happiness is not so much a hug by itself, but one that more than arms and hands. Its a hug that brings someone in so close that you feel as if you are inside of them. One where your hearts beat no long two, but as original and echo. Feeling that if you ever let go you would cease to breath. Feeling that you could never feel such splendid joy on your own.