forget me not

forget me not

1 chapter / 2742 words

Approximately 14 minutes to read


Celia and Caleb live in a world where everyday is their only day. When they are forced to take on a legacy that will save a prejudiced nation, can they succeed before they fade away themselves?


Writing, Romance, Novel


Erza 2

over 3 years ago Neona Nyx said:

Nice... i love descriptive this is. Bravo!


over 3 years ago Arlette Price said:

I wish I could read more! From the chapter I read, the imagery is very nice, and there were only a few little mistakes. The two characters are very cute--I wish I understood more about *why* they love each other. They just kind of...did. Did they know each other before? That's how it seemed. I adore Michael. His character is fun and really helps put comic relief in the story. I think the characters should be a little more sensitive to the fact that their friends are amnesiacs.


about 4 years ago Trail of Glitter said:

Very interesting! It was also very original and unique. Iread two chapters, and I loved them. Good job!



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about 5 years ago Grayson Lynn said:

This was a great read! I read all of the first chapter and half of the second. Can't wait to come back and read more!


Dean martin

over 4 years ago Ian M. Pattz said:

Hi! I'm going by chapter! Read the first one! Oh my god I love the story line and I think your conveying it very well! Your giving me enough information that when the teacher wrote that uote I felt very sad and when her mom said "how many times have I told you" I actually gasped. Very good job! I just found a couple spelling errors you wrote crack somewhere towards the beginning and it was suppossed to be cracks i think. "as if someone ad covered the in chocolate"-I believe it should be had and them. Other than that! fantastic first chapter! can't wait to keep reading!


about 5 years ago Madi Thomas said:

This sounds like an amazing story line! Just one question: Where's the story? Please post it soon, I'll be eagerly awaiting the upload :)