Nose Goes

Nose Goes

1 chapter / 790 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Sure, I hated my editor as much as the next writer working in the office, but I can prove I didn't kill him.




almost 5 years ago Akane said:

Wow, great story! Sorry it took me so long to finish the swap!

Sky looking bride

about 5 years ago Sade Harlem said:

Sorry this came so late!

I enjoyed it, it was funny in places and cute in others, I just thought that the ending was confusing. A solid cliffhanger would have been a nice way to end it.


about 5 years ago Elizabeth Wayne said:

I love murder-mysteries! I really enjoyed this story! I liked the banter in the beginning with the "nose goes". It was a great and original idea to center your story around. Great job!


about 5 years ago Tamora Locatelli said:

The Contest is over, please do not ask me to swap for this anymore. I have a lot of catching up to do.



almost 5 years ago TJ said:

This is really good. It is mysterious and well written.


about 5 years ago Milo Bloom said:

I loved the style you wrote this in. At the end though you had me a bit confused as to what was happening, i figured it out but it was still a bit unclear. The beginning was wonderful and the middle kept you reading. You had good descriptions and humor too. Good job!