On Trust and Stuffed Cats

On Trust and Stuffed Cats

1 chapter / 1481 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


A memoir. Involving...you guessed it. Trust. And stuffed cats. ***UPDATE*** this got a 93%! Thanks for all the help and love, figgies!



about 5 years ago John Cho said:

I love it. It's just plain brilliant.

I love writing

about 5 years ago Mahima Sindhu said:

WOW, I'm still sort of speechless, and in awestruck. I can tell yo that none of the guys in my middle school could ever write such a touching personal memoir- story like you did. Anyway, I loved the way you worded/ phrased the sentences and they really do flow together. Perhaps you could publish a book? :) Well, great job and happy holidays!


about 5 years ago NinjaArtist said:

This is very well written. I love the way you described everything in your room at night. Described quite well.I like the way you write and put things. I could relate a bit. I don't trust anyone much at all. I kind of keep everything to myself. People have hurt me so many times, I just don't like to take that risk.

Sam_0063 square

over 5 years ago B. D. Legan said:

:) This made me smile. Mostly because I've went through the same thing, so I relate so easily.

But still - it was really good. You translated your feelings expertly, and connected on a level with every reader.

This was just a really sweet memoir. Great job. ^-^ -B



over 5 years ago Courtney Walker said:

This is a beautiful story. I love how open you were in this story too. And the moral at the end - I'm going to benefit from it, that's for sure :) This is just the sort of thing that really makes me smile. Good job, keep writing!


over 5 years ago *~LyricalChaos~* said:

Awwwh, this was so cute. I know for a fact, I wouldn't be able to sleep if I didn't have my army of teddy bears on my bed (I collect stuffed animals, keeps me sane to say the least). Anyway, I really liked this, and for a memoir/personal essay type-thing, it was very good. If you get the chance, tell Carmichael I said hello, you don't have to but whatever... Okay, I'm rambling; back to the actual story.

It had a nice flow. Sometimes I was just a little confused, but that was only because I'm a little slow sometimes. Your grammar was good and so was your punctuation, spelling, etc. You didn't sugar coat anything, but you didn't tell a lot of details to make the reader bored. I'm sure you've heard all of this before, so I'm not going to waste yours or my time. So to sum it all up: I LOVED THIS. Great job. :D