Avoiding Love

Avoiding Love

1 chapter / 1165 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


In the fourth grade, Andrew Cole was beat up by Kaira Donovan. She moved afterward, while he remained at the same school and was forever mocked for getting the crap beat out of him by a girl. He's holding somewhat of a grudge against her. But eventually people forget. Then, senior year, she moves back, and people are teasing him again. But he's mature and he just sort of takes it-after all, what's the big deal, it happened so long ago. Then she gets the job he wanted, though he manages to finally get the job and they become co-workers. Then she gets a promotion before him. THEN, the school uses her english project as the school play, which he so desperately wanted to have his play used. Constantly, he's thrown together with this girl who keeps messing up his life.
Is he just horribly unlucky, or is it something else that's always thrusting them together? Maybe it's fate, maybe not...


Writing, Comedy, Romance



almost 7 years ago Emmy Harrod said:

That picture is precious!! I like this idea a lot! (: You should try writing in order so you'll finish it. :P


almost 7 years ago Heather Shelton said:

amazing amazing amazing work. i loved reading it and thats hard to do is get me to like to read something. i'll be following you and i hope you do the same thing for me =) your a good writing and i do hope you keep it up


almost 7 years ago Ihana Kirjailija said:

A marvelous start! From the title and cover I expected the girl to be similar to me, but your take on anti-romance works too. I get the sense they're going to end up liking each other, but I kind of hope not. I have a bit of an anti-romance complex in a passive-aggressive way. Sorry, off topic.


almost 7 years ago Ana Snowberry said:

This is really good. I love your style of writing! Keep up the good work!


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over 3 years ago Shammi said:

Wow!! Well written. (:

The vampire diaries

over 3 years ago Shammi said:

Wow!! Well written. (: