Paper Garden

Paper Garden

1 chapter / 152 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


Inspired by the Enchanted Palace exposition in Kensington Palace in London.


Writing, Fantasy, Poetry



over 4 years ago jummiie said:

I love this so much!


over 6 years ago Alice Danielle said:

oh, wow, that's amazing. i absolutely adore the metaphors of the whole thing-- metaphors are my medium-- the words you've constructed here are so pretty.


over 6 years ago Angela Pupino said:

Brillant work! I got good-writing chills just reading through it!

Me (y)

over 6 years ago Christine M Peterson said:

That was awesomely written :) It's like really good!


Cat book

over 5 years ago Sadie Collins said:

Spoken from a fairy/poetry/garden fanatic, this was an utterly wonderful poem!!! I have nothing to critique about on it, nothing at all. Please write more poems, you have a talent of describing things in a way that is utterly magical. Good work!