10 chapters / 7831 words

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*Work in progress.
Due to a genetic mutation, humans of the utopian city Naytak get tattoos that bloom naturally on their skin called Marks. The Mark is usually something that corresponds to the person's personality, and by the time they are 18 the Analysts, leaders of the city, hold a big ceremony to unveil what the Mark of these now-adults mean.

Hardly does something go wrong in Naytak, but once in a while, there will be a problem with a Mark, and they'll be sent away to live in a remote village with other "mishaps". Honey Kyris, a seventeen-year-old mishap, is the one and only Evermark on the planet.

But everything changes when she sees the boy tattooed on her wrist. Honey is meant for more than a life of reclusion.

She's meant to make a Mark.


Anime 056

almost 5 years ago Coza Summer said:

Wow, i like where this is going and the idea is really original. Keep it up!


almost 5 years ago Jenny Ramirez said:

Great start, I would enjoy reading more! :) Read my story "To Love" when you get a chance.


almost 5 years ago Heidi L. said:

Wow, this was...stunning. I am such a huge fan of fantasy books like these, that are a completely different world on their own. So often I find fantasy books on Figment that all kind of have similar plots.

The concept of this was amazing, and so was your writing style. I felt like I was reading an actual book that had been published. Loved it!


almost 5 years ago Rose said:

Ok, this was awesome. I love the sense of mystery you develop for the reader early on. In the beginning there were many questions I wanted answers to, which made me hooked. I also loved the concept here, its strange yet very intriguing. Overall, I thought this was great. You should continue writing, you seem to be one of those rare people who come up with super creative ideas and don't just write about a topic thats already been done. Great job on this!



about 5 years ago RettaJean said:


I'm sort of confused about what is going on, but as the story goes on it makes more and more sense. You have a very original idea going on here, and I really like how you are developing it slowly. Not so slow I get bored, but slowly enough you're not giving away the plot line before you even tell the story.

Honey is a very strong central character. I like her. I can feel her emotions through your writing- great job showing how she feels and what she is doing. Great descriptions.

Questions: A: How is "Scotty" her brother? How did she find this out? B: How did the "Mark" transfer from her to Scotty and back again? Also, if he touched the back of her neck, how could she see it?

Great story. You've earned a follower! Please let me know when you've updated if you can. :) I don't always pay a ton of attention.

over 5 years ago ☾☽ said:

Thank you for reading! xo More of Honey's mom is coming soon. She plays a big part in the series. And if your parent isn't an Extreme Circumstance, they cannot come live with you in the ECV. Typically, they don't want anything to do with their Extreme Circumstance child, like Addia's parents. Honey's mother loves her, but has a reason for keeping her distance.

That I have yet to post. Haha