One Shot: Woeful Disposition

One Shot: Woeful Disposition

1 chapter / 422 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Flash Fiction: Worry, grief, the unease at being left to wonder... You should be here. You're late.


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about 5 years ago L Ladner said:

I love how one of your tags reads "Gender Neutral." I appreciate that kind of stuff, mostly becuase I seem to find it funny. And when I thought about it, it really is gender neutral. But my intial impression was that the main character was a man, mostly because he pulled "your" quilt over his head. I mean, guys make quilts, but it seems like girls tend to make them more.

I have nothing to say about this negatively. Ususally there is something -- anything -- I can say. And there is none. You have broken my record. I must rewrite it.

All in all, I loved it. The way you opened the story was fantastic, and the sense of voice as a whole was amazing. Not everyone -- including I -- can do that well.

-- L Ladner